This was the experiment for lunch today. Kebabs, sweet corn with butter and bread grilled with garlic butter. Worked out great. I'm going to try a few sauces to go with the kebabs and add them to the menu.
Today is the restart of  Shot Glass Saturdays. As usual, we do things differently here. Free mixed drinks and signature shots for all our customers between 6 and 7:30pm. 70's, 80's and 90's retro music all evening long. What can beat that?
Well karaoke was great last night, we had a good turnout and the vibe was nice. The evening was kinda hot but what to do, its summertime. The roast fish hit the spot as always and for all those that didn't taste it, come before it runs out next time.
Well it's the restart of karaoke nights and i'm preparing the fish for roasting later. The weather looks fine and i'm hoping for a good turnout for the first night (keeping my fingers crossed). For all who can't make it, keep an eye out for the photos which will be posted throughout the night.
Well people, tomorrow is going to be good. Karaoke as only we can do it, free shots for the ladies to warm up those vocal cords and free roast fish. Warning to those late people that like to come out at 12am, that's when the Karaoke ends. Furthermore, after a long day in the kitchen, once it gets to 10pm I certainly won't be going back in there so u know what that means. If u are coming with the intention to eat fish, come early.
'What a piece a heat'. Is it just me or has the summer really just started? Makes me afraid  to go in the kitchen. (Have to though). Gearing up for the restart of karaoke this Thursday. (Hoping everyone comes out early).
Tonight it's B.I.N.G.O. night with a twist, bonus games + Digicel credit giveaways all night. Food on the house. What can I say, only Happy Hours does it like this.
Peace out.
Went to the event 'King Stur Gav in Concert' at Mas Camp on Saturday night. The venue was half full before 10 o'clock. What a difference to the nowadays trend of people showing up at 3am. The drinks were flowing and the artistes and dj's had the crowd moving the entire night. Not a dull moment. This was my first 'Startime Promotions' event but it definitely won't be my last.
Well i'm off to the kitchen now. Have quite a few lunch orders so i'm going for an early start today. In the mood for Chinese.
Peace out til later.
Well, a little late people but, here is my lunch for the day. Jerk Sausage fried rice. I think the next thing I need to learn to do is bake cakes and pastries so I can do dessert.
Well  here we are, thank god it's Friday. The weather is great and it looks like it's going  to be a good weekend. I think I'm going to play some R&B and then some nice classic oldies until it's time for B.I.N.G.O tonight. Not sure what I'm in the mood for today. Maybe some shrimp fried rice?
Peace out until later.
Today I decided to have a mixed platter, great choice. Chicken stir fry; Coconut chicken pasta and Curry shrimp. Scrumptious! 
The customers really love the variety and they are getting into the done to order menu now. At first a lot of people opted for whatever was ready when they came in but now we are getting pre-orders for lunch from as early as 9:30am. Looking good.